I’m Hannah Joy Lehman,

And this is my creative space. I’m an artist by blood and a writer by night. My home is my safe space, and my garden my haven. Thank you for joining me as I pursue my younger self.

How to be a kid.

My pursuit of art has been an arduous journey of avoidance, which began before I knew what constituted “art.” I’m regenerating that pursuit in an effort to relearn how to be a kid. Art was and always has been a form of self expression for most, but at some point along the way I lost that ability. I have my suspicions as to why, which may or may not be revealed over the course of this project. That’s not because I wish to conceal, but rather because I have no plans or expectations for where this pursuit will take me. That said, it is in my nature to lay all of my cards out before a crowd, so I won’t give myself very long to be elusive. Anyway, enough speculation. Let’s get into the good stuff. Read more.

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